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On the Same Boat

A look at immigrant associations The debate on the right to vote for immigrants recalls the question, certainly not new, of the politics of recognition based on rights and participation which, according to many observers, should characterize a society that declares itself to be democratic. On the other hand, this would contribute to overcoming the…
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Will We Make It This Time?

Administrative vote to immigrants The right to vote for immigrants in local authorities was promised and then withdrawn for reasons of expediency by the center-left. Now he should have the necessary votes in Parliament: the proposal comes from the National Alliance, a political force not suspicious of left-wing extremism. Those involved in immigration know that…
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Work Placement as Social Integration

IMMIGRANT WORKERS AND COOPERATIVE ENTERPRISES Cooperative enterprises can play a decisive role in transforming work placement into social integration, especially in the possibility of involving the immigrant workforce in a more active and qualified way. This is particularly important in a labor market in which the problem of both the recognition of professionalism and the…
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The Women of Immigration

One of the recent data on immigration in Italy concerns the growing presence of women. To provide a summary of the situation, a contribution by Mara Tognetti Bordogna is offered. It traces, through the history of migration in our country, the role of foreign women in migratory flows which is expressed above all in their…
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Local Problem or New Political Entity?

Local policies and immigration between social questions and conflicts In recent years, the phenomenon of protest by Italian citizens against immigrants has increased, above all due to the spread of stereotypes that tend to associate immigration with crime. This seems to have had a significant influence on the orientation of local immigration policies and, in…
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