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Miguel Angel García’s Cap Anamur Odyssey

On 21 June, the German ship “Cap Anamur” sailed near Lampedusa, with a cargo of supplies for the hospital that the humanitarian organization that owns the vessel operates in Baghdad. He spotted a dinghy in the open sea with 37 people without water or food, the engine in a pan and a half-deflated air chamber.…
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Mixed Marriages a Primary Dimension of Interculture

As has already been pointed out several times in recent years by the Caritas Dossier, which is an important reference for those who deal with immigration, an important reference point for those who want to realize the state and the migratory dynamics in our country, immigration is a structural dimension of our society, both in…
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European Community Action to Combat Discrimination

In Italy, since 1998, there has been legislation recogniseing on racial, ethnic, national or religious grounds and providing for the possibility of civil action against such discrimination. The document presented here sets out the main lines of the two directives issued by the Council of Europe: Directive 2000/43/EC, which implements the principle of equal treatment…
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Bossi-Fini Law the Declaration of Unconstitutionality by the Consultant

The Constitutional Court, with two judgments filed on July 15, 2004, declared the “Bossi Fini” law unconstitutional in two elements that undermine its foundations. The first element, identified with the No. 222, consists in the fact that it does not provide that “the validation judgment must be carried out in a contradictory way, before the…
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