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II Ires-Cgil 2002 Immigration Report

The report begins with a detailed analysis of immigrants’ job placement (job search methods, job placements, contracts and qualifications, skills acquisition, unionization and registration with the CGIL). Subsequently, insights are provided on: the presence in the atypical labor market (with an exploratory research conducted in the north-east areas); collective bargaining and territorial consultation; experiences of trade union action; education…
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Ethnic Diversity. Perceptions and Attitudes Among the Pre-adolescents of Modena

This is an article published in the magazine “Polis” 2002, edited by the Cattaneo Institute of Bologna and edited by the Mulino. Starting from the results of the research that show that pre-adolescence assumes a significant importance in the formation and stabilization of attitudes towards ethnic-cultural diversity, the results of a survey conducted on a sample…
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Intemigra. Cross-Border Projects. Foreign Immigration in the Adriatic Regions. Summary of the Project. Volume 1

The community project Intemigra is part of the Interreg II C operational program which provides for interventions in the geographical border area between the Europe of the 15 and the other Eastern European countries, called “Cadses space” (Central Adriatic-Danube Europe and south-east). It was a question of creating a cooperation network for the management of socio-economic…
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Immigrants in Correggio: Peoples, Nations, Migrations, Jobs

This work is the result of the reworking of Gli immigrants in Correggio, historical-social research on immigration in the territory of Correggio, edited by the Authors, Municipality of Correggio, December 2001 (but based on data collected in 1999-2000). In the original report created to meet the planning needs of the local administration, we have included the…
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