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Foreign Immigration in Emilia Romagna

Essay published in the Statistical Dossier on Immigration 2002 Caritas / Migrants. A panorama of immigration in Emilia Romagna in 2001 is offered, starting from its historical dynamics .After examining the foreign presences (with particular attention to the country of origin, the gender composition, and the provincial distribution), the insertion into the labor market is analyzed…
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Immigration, Identity and Work: Narrations of Foreign Delegates and Trade Union Operators

The research attempts to highlight various problems starting from the experience and perceptions expressed by those who, in addition to their immigration, labor and trade union trajectory, are in the position, as delegates or as union operators, to be able to reflect with knowledge of the facts also on strategies of the trade union organization…
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Immigrants in Piedmont. An Overview of the Presence of Foreigners in the Region

Report published by IRES Piemonte. The report, after a brief exposition of the immigration situation in Piedmont with respect to the national situation, presents a cartographic reconstruction of the distribution of foreigners in the municipalities of the region. The following paragraphs indicate the main characteristics and emerging problems on the regional territory, furthermore, some points to be…
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Current Population Reports

This report describes the foreign-born population in the United States in 2000. It provides a profile of demographic and socioeconomic characteristics, such as region of birth, geographic distribution in the United States, age, educational attainment, earnings, and poverty status. These characteristics are compared with those of the native population, and because the foreign born are a…
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