Beyond Alternation Immigration Statistical Dossier 2006 XVI Caritas/Migrantes Report


Beyond Alternation Immigration Statistical Dossier 2006 XVI Caritas/Migrantes Report

Presented the 2006 edition of the Immigration Statistical Dossier edited by Caritas Italiana, the Diocesan Caritas of Rome and the Migrantes Foundation.

100 authors contributed. Among the novelties: a chapter on nomads and two researches (on the unionization of immigrants and cultural mediators). The chapter on Italians in the world finds its natural completion in the special Report of migrantes, as well as immigration to the capital finds it in the Roman Observatory on Migrations of Caritas in Rome. The identification of the needs of immigrants has been enhanced through the listening centers that are part of the Caritas Italiana network.

The new slogan “Beyond alternation” underlines that sensitivity to the great social phenomenon of mobility must be placed above the rotation of the governing parties.

In the introduction Mons. Vittorio Nozza (Caritas Italiana), Mons. Piergiorgio Saviola (Migrantes Foundation) and Mons. Guerino Di Tora (Caritas of Rome) emphasize that “The watchwords to be asserted are: no more invasion but coexistence, no longer marginalization but participation, no longer extraneousness but citizenship”.

The “Immigration Statistical Dossier” is a research and awareness project, which is part of Caritas Italiana, the Migrantes Foundation and the Diocesan Caritas of Rome. The “Dossier” is supported by international organisations, national public structures, universities, local authorities and social organisations dealing with immigration.

The “Dossier 2006” is structured in five parts:
– The international and European context
– Foreigners staying in Italy
– Socio-cultural integration
– The world of work
– Regional contexts
– The statistical part (regional and provincial tables)
– The refugee insert curated by the UNHCR

Maternity and Immigration

In recent years, the births of children with Italian citizenship, as well as the number of immigrant women hospitalized for reasons related to motherhood (including cases of voluntary termination of pregnancy), have had, in our country, a very significant and sustained increase, such as to strongly ask Italian society completely new and diversified questions. Recent research conducted by ARCI, attempts to provide, especially to social and health personnel, some cognitive tools useful to understand these phenomena as a whole, analyzing the life stories of foreign women in relation to the experience of childbirth and related problems.

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